• ACS, Dallas (2014)
  • SBS, Atlanta (2015)
  • 2017
  • SBS, Athens
  • OSM, New Orleans
  • Aquatic Sciences, Honolulu
  • AGU, New Orleans

  • SBS, Tallahassee (organizer)
  • OCB Meeting, Woods Hole
  • Goldschmidt, Boston (presentation)
  • LTER Meeting, California
  • 2019
  • Regional Class Research Vessel Workshop, Gulfport
  • GoMOSES, New Orleans

Journals Reviewed For

  • Ocean Dynamics


Peer Reviewed


Stukel M. R., Kelly, T. B., Aluwihare, L. I., Barbeau, K. A., Goericke, R., Krause, J. W., Landry M. R. & Ohman, M. D., The Carbon:234Thorium ratios of sinking particles in the California Current Ecosystem 1: Relationships with plankton ecosystem dynamics (2019), Marine Chemistry. [link; pdf]

Stukel, M. R. & Kelly, T. B.,The Carbon:234Thorium ratios of sinking particles in the California Current Ecosystem 2: A Theoretical Model (accepted), Marine Chemistry.


Kelly, T. B., Goericke, R., Kahru, M., Song, H., & Stukel, M.R., CCEII: Spatial and interannual variability in export efficiency and the biological pump in an eastern boundary current upwelling system with substantial lateral advection (2018) DSRI. [link; pdf]

Morrow, R. M., Ohman, M. D., Goericke, R., Kelly, T. B., Stephens, B. M. & Stukel, M. R., CCE V: Primary Production, Mesozooplankton Grazing, and the Biological Pump in the California Current Ecosystem: Variability and Response to El Nino (2018), DSRI. [link; pdf]

Stukel, M. R., Decima, M., Kelly, T.B., A new approach for incorporating 15N isotopic daa into linear inverse ecosystem models with Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling (2018), PLOS ONE. [link; pdf]


Yanchilina, A., Yelisetti, S., Wolfson-Schwehr, M., Voss, N., Kelly, T.B., Brizzolara, J., Brown, K., Zayac, J., Fung, M., Guerra, M., Coakley, B., Pockalny, R., Exploring methane gas seepage in the California borderlands (2017), EOS. [link]


Tamburini, F., Kelly, T.B., Weerapana, E., Byers, J.A., Paper to Plastics: An Interdisciplinary Research Project in Sustainability (2014), Journal of Chemical Education. [link; pdf]

In Prep

Morton, P. L., Landing, W. L., Shiller, A. M., Kelly, T. B., Donat, J. R., De Carlo, E. H. & Shacat, J.,Shelf Inputs and Lateral Transport of Mn, Co, and Ce in the western North Pacific Ocean (submitted), Frontiers in Marine Science.

Wang, S. A., Kranz, S., Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Lagrangian studies of NCP: Assessing the effect of diel biological cycles and non-steady state systems (submitted).

Fender, C., Kelly, T. B. & Stukel, M.R., Ecosystem Function in Export Production: an Optimized UVP Algorithm for the California Current (in prep), Frontiers in Marine Science.

Kelly, T. B., Davison, P. C., Goericke, R., Landry M. R., Ohman, M.D. & Stukel, M.R., The Importance Of Diel Vertical Migrations Of Mesozooplankton For Supporting A Mesopelagic Ecosystem: An Inverse Modeling Approach In The California Current (in prep) Frontiers in Marine Science.

Stukel, M. R., Ohman, M. D. & Kelly, T. B., Carbon flux attenuation mediated by zooplankton in the shallow twilight zone: Flux feeders, sinking speeds, and the remineralization length scale (in prep), Frontiers in Marine Science.

Ebling, A., Kelly, T.B., Bressac, M., Guieu, C. & Landing, W., The Missing Link: Characterizing the sea surface microlayer from a controlled atmospheric deposition event (in prep), L&O.

Kelly, T. B., Kranz, S. A., Song, H., Kahru, M., Ohman, M. D., Goericke, R., & Stukel, M. R., Particle Production and Transport: Vertical and Horizontal Export of Particulate Organic Carbon in a Sub-Mesoscale Filament (in prep).

Kranz, S. A., Kelly, T. B., Wang, S., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Dissolved O2/Ar indicate rapid spatial and temporal changes in NCP along and across an upwelling filament in the California current ecosystem (in prep).

Kranz, S. A., Wang, S., Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Cassar, N., Lagrangian studies in NCP II: Dissolved O2/Ar measurements and NCP analysis along an across-shore upwelling filament in the CCE-LTER region (in prep).

Kelly, T. B., Stukel, M. R. & Kranz, S., A Reusable Pipeline for NCP Modeling from Oxygen Argon Measurements (in prep), Geoscientific Model Development.


  • Oxygen Production App [Github]
  • Oxygen-Argon Analysis Pipeline [Github; DOI]
  • Thorium-234 Analysis Suite
  • 15N Linear Inverse Ecosystem Model [Github]



Field & Laboratory

  • Deckboard and in situ incubations
  • Nitrate, Ammonium Uptake Incubations
  • Thorium-Uranium Disequilibrium
  • Surface Tethered Sediment Traps
  • N2 Fixation Incubations
  • Membrane & Inlet Inlet Mass Spectroscopy (MIMS/EIMS)
  • Ion-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)


  • Linear Inverse Modeling for Ecosystems
  • Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)
  • Offline Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LTRANS)
  • MITgcm
  • GENOME Model
  • Programming: R, FORTRAN, Julia, Matlab, Java, & web