• ACS, Dallas (2014, poster)
  • SBS, Atlanta (2015, poster)
  • SBS, Athens (2017, poster)
  • OSM, New Orleans (2017, poster)
  • Aquatic Sciences, Honolulu (2017, poster)
  • AGU, New Orleans (2017, poster)
  • SBS, Tallahassee (2018, organizer)
  • OCB Meeting, Woods Hole (2018)
  • Goldschmidt, Boston (2018)
  • LTER Meeting, California (2018)


Kelly, T. B., Goericke, R., Kahru, M., Song, H., & Stukel, M.R., Spatial and interannual variability in export efficiency and the biological pump in an eastern boundary current upwelling system with substantial lateral advection (submitted) DSRI.

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Kelly, T.B., Paper to Plastics: An Interdisciplinary Research Project in Sustainability, Journal of Chemical Education (2014).


Field & Laboratory

  • Deckboard and in situ incubations
  • Nitrate, Ammonium Uptake Incubations
  • Thorium-Uranium Disequilibrium
  • Surface Tethered Sediment Traps
  • N2 Fixation Incubations
  • Membrane & Inlet Inlet Mass Spectroscopy (MIMS/EIMS)
  • Ion-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)


  • Linear Inverse Modeling for Ecosystems
  • Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)
  • Offline Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LTRANS)
  • MITgcm
  • GENOME Model
  • Programming: R, FORTRAN, Julia, Matlab, Java, & web